Spring 2024

(2/8) Daniel Berwick-Evans, What is Morse theory? 347 Altgeld Hall, 12pm, Note the day change

(4/3) Elizabeth Kelley, What is a cluster algebra? 347 Altgeld Hall, 12pm

More talks to be announced soon

Fall 2023

(10/18) Jacob Rasmussen, What is a K3 surface? 1302 Everitt Hall, 1pm

(10/25) Kiran Luecke, What is a highly structured ring spectrum? 365 Altgeld Hall, 12pm

(11/8) Felix Janda, What is the moduli space of curves? 365 Altgeld Hall, 1pm

(11/29) Amanda Young, What is a gapped ground state phase of matter? 365 Altgeld Hall, 12pm